“This isn't right...” “What isn't?” “Us...” “Wow, this was short lived. Not even 6 months have passed and you are calling it quits... Just wow!Have a good day!”   That’s how I began my morning. A text from this person I have been seeing! Truth be told, I didn't like like him at first, but … Continue reading Illusions



  I wanna get married some day! They laugh!! "This is new! Are you serious?" Yes, doesn't every female want that some day! I go on... "I have been craving for some deep connection with someone," I noticed such connections I can't get them with my mates, not even the guy that helps me climax, … Continue reading DREAMS


How do you admit to some truths.... Damaged goods! That's the echo in my head... Takes me a back to the time, before the encounter, that time he forced his hands up my skirt, before he forced my naked ass to sit on his thighs, I remember the room, it was a dark one four … Continue reading Damaged!

Of light Skins

I haven't done much writing of late partially because Aggy and Wanja Kavengi have been keeping me entertained with their hilarious posts. As a wannabe writer, sometimes you have to read other people's musings or else you become lost in your own world and you think your doing great with half baked content. Apart from … Continue reading Of light Skins