Maybe I am Difficult

Are you bi-sexual? I'm seated at a bar. A very inappropriate one for that matter! They have both women and men working shirtless or very little clothing on their skins. The screens are two all showing explicit content! Why would I choose this place? Because in such places people are either full of fear or … Continue reading Maybe I am Difficult


Let us Cheat!

  The problem is not him, Because for too long I have blamed him, It is not even the others that come, Knowing I am his,   The problem is not him, Him wanting more than one to share his bed, More than one to explore those crevices, More than one to quench his thirst, … Continue reading Let us Cheat!


  I've known how to be wet! Mostly when tears leave the place they've been calling home! I should say I'm fighting for their freedom, A freedom fighter they should label me! I should be tiered of heartbreks, Those I call unto self, Wishing you were mine! Still a part of me... Loving you is … Continue reading ~HIM~


I'm scared, scared that I will not be able to do this right! I met her for coffee, but I wasn't excited! She called me asked what plans I had for the afternoon, she noticed the wimps in my voice and asked what was wrong! I told her I felt like giving up! That I … Continue reading Steps!