Starting Small

I called her! I wanted to see beauty and happiness. She agreed to meet me for tea! She suggested a beautiful place that serve tea in cute kettles and little cups. She recommended I take the blueberry muffins, "they serve them hot," she added. She looked beautiful and radiant she had this glow around her … Continue reading Starting Small


A New Reality!

What happened last night? this is how i began the conversation! waking up with a throbbing headache is not enough when its accompanied with a sore foot, and a cut near you ankle! You'll soon be a mom, That was the last conversation i had with the doctor How do you escape a certain kind … Continue reading A New Reality!


Darling, come lets make love, its something beautiful they say, Something that i can't touch, But maybe with you around, We can see it, touch it, So darling, come lets make love.   Honey, come lets create love, It is something wonderful they say, Something that i can't see, But maybe with you around, We … Continue reading Love