Wrong choices!

Easier said than done!! The silent whispers of desire make me an emotional wreck, if for just a second I could forget why I love you so much,  and constantly remember why I should hate you, dislike you perhaps.
If memories were easier lost than remembered. The same way one says, “I love”, “I care”. If forgiveness was a word, that slid easily from the lips. If only lust did not come hidden in shades, something rare, say a setting sun accompanied with a rainbow or an easy morning with a beautiful sunrise, a beautiful river flowing through a forest! If only lust was not accompanied with beauty of what we hope life to be!

Do you know I see you in my dreams, I feel your touch, in moments like this, when “self help” is what I resort to? Do you know, I can still taste your saliva! In those moments I taste my lips, when the craving strikes! I wish you knew, that when I close my eyes, in those moments of pleasure, it is your face that I still see! In those moments I fall into the wave of desire, it is you I am thinking about.

When I said, you drive me crazy, did you give my words much thought?
Yes you drove, still drive me crazy!!!

Thoughts of you drive me crazy, the memories, the happy as well as the sad ones!

See, when the pain comes it is you that I curse! When I see the scar, it is you that I blame, each visit to the doctor comes with me wishing you nothing but ill fortunes! I pray for your sickness, that you may be miserable, that happiness may never be your portion!

Then moments like these, when my knees are weak, and my inner bits hunger for  you,when my chest hopes for some touch, and my behind hungers for some squeeze, when my lips long for some sensation! I forget the times I died in pain, tossing and turning, churning! I forget the vows I made to God, or the promises I made to the universe, of never wanting/allowing you to fill the space between my thighs!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Andy says:

    say that again!!! if only lust looked like an ugly bastard!!


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