Let us Cheat!



The problem is not him,

Because for too long I have blamed him,

It is not even the others that come,

Knowing I am his,


The problem is not him,

Him wanting more than one to share his bed,

More than one to explore those crevices,

More than one to quench his thirst,

A thirst that never seems to end,

More than one to rub his ego.


The problem is not him,

The other I seek for solace,

Sometimes companionship,

Most time those intimate sessions,

It can’t be his fault,

It is I that seeks him.


The problem is not her,

Just because she can’t shut her legs

And can’t say no to the treats,

Just because she wants my man more than I want him.


The problem is  me,

I was designed to be with many,

Be a part of his web and he a part of mine,

The fire in me not only he can cool, 

That’s why I need another and another,

And that’s why he seeks for another and another,

In the hope to cool my fire


The problem is me,

Not that my fire burns, but because the experience lasts.

And in others he hopes to feel the same, 

Maybe share my fire,

So that he may not seem obsessed.


The problem is me,

Because in him I see perfection,

Afraid that one day it will seize been that,

So I look for others,

Hoping to find one different from him,

Different from me,

Different in the pleasures I seem to seek.


The problem is not him,

Because he is running away from obsession,

From being clinging,

So he seeks for others hoping they’d distract him.


The problem is me and him, us!

The games being played,

The webs being made,

The excused being created,

Fear to stay in love!



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