I’ve known how to be wet!
Mostly when tears leave the place they’ve been calling home!
I should say I’m fighting for their freedom,
A freedom fighter they should label me!

I should be tiered of heartbreks,
Those I call unto self,
Wishing you were mine!
Still a part of me…

Loving you is painful,
An art I need to forget!
Let bygons be what they are,
And you a shadow my memory should avoid!

How did legends do this?
Fight wars they never worn?
But persistent till the end!
Mother should have called me something else,
Not this saint who gives up!

Conversations with the moon,
hoping to be part of the sunrise,
Only to be surprised..
Not even being part of the sunset!

They call this feeling I have for you,
One gentle and calm within this storm!
A storm my heart forges to be perfection!

Chasing suns…
Sunsets and sunrises just to be with you!
To call you mine at such perfect timing!
Dreams never to exist!

These lies I tell, an end they’ve met!
Reality dawn’s once more,
Mine he’ll never be,
Just an illusion the mind loves so well…

Options of fasting come to life,
Maybe say prayer,
Soon enough this death shall be!
And a memory you will be.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. erobamaloba says:

    I find myself walking,
    Not knowing where to go,
    But I always end up
    In that special place that we know.

    I sit down, can’t move,
    Waiting for you to show,
    And when I feel your hand on mine,
    That’s when I will go.

    Do you see,
    That this bench was made for two,
    And one day in the future,
    It will be filled again by me and you


    1. Junglegarl says:

      lover’s paradise


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