Wrong! This is wrong!

I’ve been getting a whole lot of sad lately!
See, I was having a few drinks with a friend…
Then tears started falling!
I was in some form of pain. I told her  my body is giving in…
She laughed said we should do shots!

“Jaggers cure everything!” She said

Five shots later, I decided to visit the washroom, I looked at  myself and cried my heart out!

I’ve been sad lately tonnes of sadness!

It’s a baby boy!
It’s a baby girl!
You’ll have twins!
It was an unsuccessful abortion!
You are 4 weeks..
I’ll share what options you got!
Where is the father? You need the father for the ultra sound..

 (Most times the father is in the room!)

I’ve been sad lately tonnes of sad!

Agy, I love him…

My boyfriend!

How do you know you do?
My heart!
I know you’ll laugh about this… but I get short breaths sometimes and when I see him I see heaven.. the smile on his face the …

We fought yesternight!

He knows about him…
I left his house and my heart stopped!

My muscles cringed!
The thought of not being next to him crippled me!
Is that love? I asked
Love is pure, natural, soft, soothing!
What you felt was lust! I said..

Lust? How do you know that?
“I have loved,” I said!
I love as well!

“Love involves sacrifice knowing your way won’t win! But putting a smile through the situation!
He is beautiful with a flat face! Pretty in its own right and I love him,” I told her!
“He never cared for you,” she shouted!
I know! And I don’t care him not caring for me! That’s love! I know he has multiple women, I’m not his first neither will I be his last but I love him and want him regardless!
That’s what you call love?she asks
I feel fulfilled just knowing he is!
So it’s love!not selfish,not greedy!

That’s foolishness,she says!

I’ve been feeling  tonnes of sad lately!

She is pregnant! She says…
Who I ask
The wife!
Explain this to me! In black and white!
Remember I procured an abortion?
The wife is pregnant!
Does it matter? I asked
Yes it does! It should have been I carrying the baby!
But you don’t regret terminating it! Remember?
Now I do! If I knew she was expecting I’d have kept it!
Why? I asked!
Because I want a part of him when he leaves!
But you were not ready being a mum! And it would have hurt your boyfriend, carrying another man’s baby!

He lied that he wasn’t sleeping with her!

It happens, the lies, i told her! They lie to get between the legs!

They always lie,

You lied as well, you have two of them!
“I made a mistake!” she says! “Why?” I ask
He wanted me to get rid of it… convinced me otherwise because he wasn’t ready for responsibility… my responsibility! Yet he is fathering with her!

He made the situation easier for both of you, I said!

“I feel used and cheated!! Used and cheated!” She repeats…

But you are not his wife, you knew from the word go that he was someone else’s! You are not his responsibility.. you’ll never be! He’ll never consider you as his!

I’ve been feeling tonnes of sadness lately!

I think she is cheating on me! He says.
Is it a bad thing? I ask
Yes! What haven’t I given her…
But you also cheat, I said. What doesn’t she give you?
It’s different for guys..

What is I asked?
The cheating.. men we are polygamous, women are not!
Women have needs as well, I said.
We need to be appreciated, complimented, loved, cared for!
Do you do that?
I provide for her make sure she never lacks!

When was the last time you told her she is beautiful? When did you last compliment her cooking?

She is cheating on me! Sleeping with another man! Cares for another! She gets home late, the other day she smelled fresh when she came home! She said she’d enrolled to the gym and she showered afterwards!
It was midnight!
The lies are not adding up!
Who is he? Is he better than me?

He rants, the dids and what’s led to his suspicion! He is mad, angry at her for cheating!

“Do you think you pushed her to cheat?”
How? He asks
” You stopped caring! Spend more time with me, talk more with me, while you should be talking with her!

“You understand me,” he says!
The sex is great! He adds

So does the he, the one she is cheating on you with! Their sex may also be great!

“It’s okay, for you to cheat and not her?” I ask

You women evoke emotion in everything!
So yes, you get invested in these things! Men, on the hand, we don’t… we don’t get tangled in the emotions!

“It takes two to tangle,” I said!

“Do you hate this?”
What I ask!
This situation

“Yes I do!”


It is wrong!

Why are you in it still?

I’ve been feeling tonnes of sadness lately!

What do I do?
About what?
What do you want to do?
I don’t know!
I hate him!

Your boyfriend?
I love him, I’ll try work things with him…
The other?
I guess it’s time we ended it!

Do you regret meeting him?
Not really,
I regret cheating on my boyfriend!

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