A New Reality!

What happened last night?

this is how i began the conversation!

waking up with a throbbing headache is not enough when its accompanied with a sore foot, and a cut near you ankle!

You’ll soon be a mom,

That was the last conversation i had with the doctor

How do you escape a certain kind of reality?

I have loved, or so i thought!

Aren’t babies a celebration of love?

But how do you celebrate a union that never exists?

Actions have consequences or is it the latter?


These thighs housed you for a few minutes, 

Excitement flowed, that  much I remember!

The touches were gentle as the kisses!

such moments never last!

Conversations are silent in their own right!

not much of how are you? or how your day was!

Nothing of the good morning or goodnight or i miss you!!

maybe between the sheets and between groans of relief!!!


You are going to be a mother!

That’s how dreams are shattered!!

Emotions are brought to life,

A new dawn tags along!!!


these thighs that housed you!! now suffer in silence knowing they’ll birth a part of you!!!

some secrets are good others well… 

Your anonymous name and face will always be a part of me!!! 

a love finally brought to life!


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