I drunk beer today!
That should be a joke right!?
Why would you think saying I drunk beer, be a joke?
Why would you begin a conversation like that?

Good! I have your attention now!
Let me show you the shades of me!

I like boys, sometimes men! Most times a man who believes he is man enough!!

I like girls, most girls, the pretty ones like really really pretty! Those with big kinda eyes! I’ve kissed one,maybe two, several to be exact!

I like boys, short kinda boys.. oops..
I like men, short kinda men, not more than 5’8 somewhat plump, not fat! I hate fat!! Like fat fat fat!!!!!
I like men, tall kinda men, brown kinda men! Not brown brown brown! But brown brown!

I kissed a girl, like this one girl, she was beautiful, her eyes had stars, her hair soft and fluffy as wool! She had a beautiful smile, her mouth curved at its edges, to top it up, she had cute dimples! She kissed me first, then I kissed her second! I felt magic, we were magic!

I first kissed a boy, then kissed the man he’d become! I loved his face, it was flat, not flat flat, but nose kinda flat, he had beautiful eyes, that would smile every time I looked into them. He had a soft touch! Not soft soft, but soft strong!

The first time I touched a man, my hand become numb, I could hardly feel the tips of my fingers, I was shaking, like shake shake shake!

She touched my face, her hands were smooth, silk kinda smooth, they were also warm, and kinda wet, my face was on fire, like hot hot kinda fire, but her touch, her touch made the fire disappear! I felt happy, like happy happy happy!!!!

The first time we did it, like do it do it! Not it it it, but it it!!! My breathes were fast then slow then fast and slow,then slow, then fast! I could hear him, wanting to shout like shout shout, but he did not shout, I wanted to scream, like scream scream, but I couldn’t scream!

The first time, we were strangers, so was the second, and the third, and every time after that! He has always been a stranger, always someone new I am meeting! With each encounter, I meet a new bit of him, but something always remains the same, his face his flat face, his smiling eyes!

The first time I held her hand, I told her I wanted her to be mine, she laughed, that squeaky kinda laugh, “like be serious” me and you can never be! She kissed my cheek, that was the last day I ever set my eyes on her!

The day, I wanted to tell him I loved him.. like love love him, I was in a relationship, with another man, a tall kinda man, I knew if I said it, he’d say it was the beer talking… So I started drawing stars on his chest, little stars with the tips of my fingers, I looked at his face, saw his smiling eyes, kissed his chest. He then moved, I searched his face, his beautiful flat face, then he said, “i enjoyed this,” then I said, “we should probably stop this!”

Then the silence began all over again!!!

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