I love chaos!

Sometimes a little too much than I ought to!

I love broken things,

Hearts being part of them,

I don’t seek to fully mend, No!

I don’t seek to destroy, I want them broken!


I search for chaos in all that I see,

Meet the eye! Some form of perfection,

In raging waters, heated conversations!

I love them broken.


From holidays in broken lands,

Dry with cracks prudent,

To animals, stout and ugly,

Those with spots! Well scars with stories,

I want them broken.


 From field trips, mountains high,

Rocky terrain, a little mud will do,

Bare land, empty and lonely,

Chaotic in its own form.


To his grip, firm to a certain extent,

Anger in his eyes, betrayal in groans

Some destruction he is trying to create!


To his smile, words as well.

Whispers from clenched teeth,

Regret perhaps?


A chaotic mind, mood also.

Soothes between thrusts,

Pleasure and deceit,

All entangled in one,

I love CHAOS!


IMAGE: Internet

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