I have always searched for perfection…

How does it look in the midst of naked bodies?

Do you always see my face when you are pleasing her?

At that moment when you climax, do you ever hope that I was there with you?


I have always hoped to see perfection…

Can I see it between broken hearts?

Do you tell her you love her?

Or that she is the one with your heart?

Do her eyes sparkle every time you say her name?


I have always prayed to feel perfection

Can I feel it within intertwined souls?

That moment my mind is at peace,

When only thoughts of you flow through my mind?


 As I search for perfection…

Between bodies, with strong sexual tension,

Between the crevices of thighs and with soft lips,

Between boulders on chests and smoothness from touch.

Tell me I will find perfection!


As I search for perfection…

In hearts, where love once existed,

In words that were once calming,

In stars that looked like your eyes.

In skies which looked like home.

Tell me I will see perfection!


As I search for perfection…

Away from reality,

In galaxies, planets

revolving round  an unnamed star,

I hoped you would be my perfection!!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Boygene says:

    So beautiful and quiet emotional


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