My land is Kenya.

Once upon a time…

In a land far far away…

Come back to reality, your land is Kenya, where corruption thrives. Where there is mwananchi, and mwenye nchi.

When i grow up, i will be mwenye nchi, loud, loud, loud,loud, then because i am a woman they will say i am always horny, because i, do not, as accepted, because i will speak my mind. They will even go to extremes of saying i was never brought up in the right way, and i am not from a certain class.
Once upon a time…

In a land far far away…

There lived people, who believed, believed in a better form of governance.

This people woke up and hustled and above that, they were good citizens, they took voting cards, they voted for leaders they believed in, people who had similar dreams.

Back to reality.

I am a kenyan youth, who will rant on sicial media, even go to extends of making noise on streets, but i will never vote. Why? The leader is chosen,” chosen by a majority” 

Have you thought of it this way… Those in power, are voted by us who never vote? Us who never bother to go to the polling station?
My land is kenya, i will be mwenye nchi, i am taking my vote, i will make a choice, i will not let corrupt humans to kill my dream, my dream of a better kenya.

Chukua hatua, chukua kura. 

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  1. sarahngima77 says:

    I’m yet to kuchukua kura, though I don’t want to do it in Nakuru as this place can be volatile.


    1. Junglegarl says:

      They’ll start issuing on the 15th do look for a place you can and do. 😄 your vote counts

      Liked by 1 person

      1. sarahngima77 says:

        Mguu niponye hadi Nyeri. Definitely not in Nakuru.


      2. Junglegarl says:

        You can plan a road trip and do so

        Liked by 1 person

      3. sarahngima77 says:

        Nyeri is home so, definitely…


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