Fare thee well

Today, 31.12.16 the last day of the year.

Tomorrow, 1.1.17 a new year.

So let us wear short skirts and expose the thighs, let us not dance today, nor drink intoxicating drinks, let us wear short skirts expose those thighs and sit, have a sigh and bid the year goodbye.

Last day of the year,

Let’s re-live the best the year offered, the partying, where boys were involved, and men we hoped they’d be. Let us wear short skirts expose the thighs we dished to whoever would ask of a bit of them, werent those the best moments of ’16?

A new year awaits.

I will wear a black veil, a short black dress, with bright pink stokins, a bit of color should do, i will brew coffee, and take it with a puff of some cheap ciggarete, its a sad farewell. So let us wear short skirts and expose the thighs.

Dreams will come true.

I will blast the music, listen to “mercy me” beautiful, i will smile, i am treasured and beautiful, i will sit on the edge of my bed, look at this thighs then curse them, i will look at the black stains in their interior and i will frown, these scars should be tanned a bit. I in this short skirt exposing these thighs.

There is hope.

Everything i ever needed, lies not within these thighs, it lies within a power i cannot explain, someone omnipresent, a God who gives second chances. So drop the short skirt, cover those thighs, say a prayer, forgive yourself. It is a new dawn, stronger, braver, happier.

Ushering the new year 

Enough with the new year new me B.S, your still the same human, just wearing a different skirt, but a happier mortal, with a better supernatural being guiding you, creating perfection. 
Wishing you all, a fruitful, happy, favoured and blessed 2017.

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