Rainy days

I hate water, not the drinking one but the other, i am sure you want to ask me when i last had a shower, i will be true and tell you early this morning. But i might be lying as well. I did not tell you i showered less than thirty minutes ago, involuntarily, the rain graced me today.

I do not own an  umbrella, or anything close to it. The scarfs and jacket play a good role, sometimes my handbag too. This is why i hate water.

Do not get me wrong, i hate the scortching sun too, it tans my skin two shades. I am not a light skin in reality, nor am i a dark skin too. I am more of the middle colors, brown with shades of chocolate.

I did not go to the elite schools, neither did i attend the low end schools, but maybe i  just did and assumed then that the low end school was more of a middle class school.

The school i attended was beautiful, in my eyes, it had trees and the grass was always green. We had clean drinking water, but the toilets were latrines, at home we’d use the latrine when it was day time, and the flushing toilet, was for the baby and only to be used at night. I was afraid of darkness when growing up.

I still do, but not as much. Nowadays most people call me a norctunal, i walk on streets with more confidence at night, but i avoid isles so much, they might confuse me as a twilight girl.

I past by my old primary school a few days ago, it looked ugly, the gate was no longer blue, just some writings in black and yellow.

The motto then, when i attended my old school was not in english, it was in a good language more fancy than what i saw, ” study to ascend” during my time it sounded more like this, ” studendo assedamus”.

Back to water, and the reason i hate it. But i should give you a brief history, shouldn’t i? 

I hate water, more so on days that it fills the earth, and mud puddles come to life, and the drenches nolonger functional, so wreckles drivers will try splash some colored water on your clean clothes.

Today morning, i had dressed in white, i wanted to be beautiful as the moon i saw last night, it wasn’t white, but it was beautiful, and most people say, beautiful things are clad in white, that is why most brides wear white.

Now my garmet is stained. Stained in black, from teary eyes, i wasn’t crying, but the rain made my face come off.( my colour is more of chocolate than brown) but when mixed with rain water and the different creams we use on our faces (black peels off).

Not to mention, stained in what seems red and shades of brown ( matope), i nolonger look beautiful. I look dirty, like some homeless bastard!

Rain is a good thing and so is water, we all become clean, forgetting the dirt that exists from our sinful nature. Crops crow, and flowers blossom, feilds become green, and the air smells nice, but i still hate water.

Back to my old school, on fridays, we used to clean the classes, we’d have lots of buckets filled with water and we’d wash. I guess this is where my love hate relationship with water began. At the end of the cleaning session, my sky blue dress, looked somewhat different, a color i cannot explain. I would rush home change and soak the dress, then a few beatings would follow with, “jichafue hivi na ujimwagilie maji, ndo upate homa”

So when it rains, and a reckless driver splashes dirty water on me, i become angry, and remember that i hate water. 

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  1. Mitchelle Ofuyo says:

    Hehe,, those friday class washing days,,mmmmhhh…I can relate!

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