Matters: Sex

Let us talk matters sex, I won’t bore you with the do’s and don’ts. I will not use the words they hate most, penetration and all.

I will not even mention the forbidden words, of how big his penis should be and how small and tight her vagina can be.

But seriously, if I should avoid these terms how are we going to talk matters sex?

But I have felt a need to talk matters sex, as many  talk of  matters: rape, pregnancy, arbotion, defilment, dating, sponsors, prostitution, and they use those words, words that involve matters sex.

Boldly today, I will talk matters sex, choose to hate, choose to love, choose to ignore, but reality is, we all think matters sex.

Some of us think of how their first time will be, some think of how the first night, with their new person will be, others want to spice up their boring bedroom life, others on how much more revenue they can make with the offices between their legs, while others don’t want to think about thinking, because sex was used against them.

So let us talk matters sex.

Talk of how kings lost, as desires won, talk of how tenders have been given, by just giving a seductive look, talk of how grades have been improved, because flirtation was allowed, talk of how marriages broken, because at home one doesn’t get much, talk of how young children have been abused because they were not aware of what was happening to them, of how one was forced to it, because they had no way out.

These are matters sex.

How a young girl will be told of how precious their woman hood is, and how pure one should be, how young boys would be told you are man enough if you go through the cut. How an adolescent, how she will shy off as her body transforms, getting those curves around her lower body and bumps on her upper body, or how he will be proud when his voice suddenly deepens and shoulders start to form, as facial hair grows.

Matters sex.  

How one will will be shunned if they claim virginity is key, and should only be taken away on the matrimonial bed, and others talked of illy , if all they do is give to all the random people that ask of it. Of how it is a vice to read a book on how to be better sexually, and how virteous one is if they know nothing sexually.

Matters sex.

Sadded by how the adult males claim females in their age group have been over active and opt to go for the younger ones. Saddened by how  the young females claim the males in their age group are inactive, boring and not hard workers so opt to go for the older ones.

Saddened because, in relationships sex is used as a tool for: bargain, blackmail, or as one to reward.

Saddened because in offices, sex should not be talked of, but those are the advances you are asked for, in order to get a promotion, or an offer.

Saddened because, after one has been a victim, they are asked not to talk about it publicly.

Saddened because THIS gift that was given to us, we have all abused it, by not talking more about it.

So let us talk matters sex.

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  1. I could never have put it as beautifully as you just did!
    This is just too amazing ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tihihi it is beautiful.You said what I take ages to say…My tears have trickled down to witness this fine piece of word craft.


    1. Junglegarl says:

      Glad you enjoyed the read, hope in our little spaces we speak, what people are afraid of speaking


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