I love memories, and I will hold these ones so deep.
I will let the air I breathe and the blood that runs in my veins to live on a memory so fond. I will let my eyes be hazy and go to a trance and I will bring these memories to life.

I will dance and allow my feet to walk on sandy beaches that I know not of, I will let my mind to dive in a mood that my heart understands best, I am bringing these memories to life.

And as I dream, I will live and as I live memories will be and as memories be, I will fly and as I fly happiness will be, and as happiness becomes these memories that are so dear will be writing history, and as history is written, change will become and as change becomes these memories will be deep.

And today, as i hold dear to these memories, I will slit open wrists, and blood, deep red blood will flow, and then these memories will be free, I will have freed them. And I will lay down, and the last beats of my heart will be. And I will breathe, my last breaths, they will be soft, for I will tell them so.

But before then, before I slit these wrists open, I will kneel, go down on my knees and I will pray, i will pray to God, the omnipresent, the most immaculate, and I will let him know that these memories, these that am so fond of, are eating me, that my soul is getting so weak, that my body no longer can take it.

I will tell him of these tales, tales he so well knows about, tales he even knew will happen, and I will let him know my plans, plans he vividly knows about.

Then I will take a deep breathe, one more time and I will look for a sharp razor, and I will free these memories, and I know that I will die, for in death a freedom is found, and mine seems to be in it.

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  1. Gumbo says:

    Deep. Artistry at its pinnacle

    Liked by 1 person

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