I did it


Honey, did i tell you i’m in love….
Yes let me tell you again, incase i did,
I’m in love,

Not earth, nor a planet as close as jupiter,
I am in love with a feeling,
With a feeling, i doubt you’d undersatand,
They call call it maturity….

Sweetheart, i told you, one day,
That one  day i
would fall inlove,
Not with you,
But a better world,
Its not better yet,
But love i feel, i understand,
Maturity they say,
Say it is….

Honey, did i tell you I’m in love,
I’m in love, yes in love,
Sadly not with you,
But with i,
The replica of self,

Sweetheart, i told you, one day,
One day i’d love,
even if not you,
And i am in love,
Yes in love,
Life has its way,
Its way is the best they said..

Honey, love is sweet, so they said,
But this one, is salty,
With traces of lime,
Reminds me of talking  taquiler,
The shot,
A shot you so loved,

Sweetheart, this is not fugarative,
Don’t think much,
I love you as well,
Well enough,
Well enough to know is you,
You i want not…

Honey, i am in love,
I finally did it,
I loved self a bit more,
The way you asked me to,
Cheers to that,
Not with shots though,
Little giggles would do….

8 Comments Add yours

  1. twinstech says:

    Punchlines all the way down…. Love it 😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. twinstech says:

        You’re welcome

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Bagus Mutendi says:

    You had me at the third line. Lol. You!!!!


    1. Junglegarl says:

      thnaks for stopping by… 🙂


  3. Mitchelle Ofuyo says:

    You see, this kind of thing. You do it so well.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. waltermukira says:

    I think I wanna write my own reply. “Dear honey, please come back.” Who tore you open so deep?


    1. Junglegarl says:

      Please do write a reply


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