Lets dance… NAKED


Let’s dance.. lets dance naked, you in your little corner and I in mine. No parts will touch just bodies moving to beats, those of our hearts, and the melodies our mind is trying to synchronize.
I miss you i know you miss me too, you don’t have to say it, but i can feel it, from the intensity of the air between us, you are yearning for me, and i you, this deep craving of a love only you can give, honey come lets dance, lets dance naked.

Lets dance, lets dance naked, you miles away from me, and i so near yet so far, lets dance with a rhythm, the rhythm that comes from past touches, the touches of our hands, and those soft ones from our lips.
I want you, i know you want me too, i can see it, from your eyes, how you look at her, wishing it was i, the less version of her, honey dream with me, join me in this dance, this dance where you and i will be naked.

Lets dance, lets dance naked, you holding my hand, leading this dance, and i moving along to your moves, i promise no parts will touch, just minds that will be at ease, and desires far out of sight.
Sweetheart, this is not a dream, i can smell you, same way you are smelling my scent, the distance no longer exists, free your mind, let it free, lets enjoy this dance, me , you, naked.

Honey come lets dance, lets dance naked, no secrets no lies, just two souls naked and pure, dancing from beats, beats of our heartbeat, lets dance with rhythm, rhythm from our synchronized breaths

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