Day 2: Why does Sex hurt so much?

My precious little thoughts 🙂

sex hurtsIt’s supposed to be a good thing, its supposed to bring intimacy and its supposed to bring  joy and togetherness, well in theory. but it doesn’t. Does it?

It sprouts seeds of rejection, loss of self esteem, continued jealousy, cheating, lying, lies, avoidance and all those nasty things that the Wicked Witch from the West should have. But it was created by God, was it not? and God looked at all things He created and said “it was Good” Did he not?

Then why does it hurt so much? Why are all songs about either wanting sex or regretting it, or being fooled by it. Why so much attention?

Our culture, our culture praises and even glorifies casual sex, the importance of it, the joys of it, every movie, Right from James Bond, has casual sex in it and makes it cool. but it is not. It is the product…

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  1. Mitchelle Ofuyo says:

    This…This is something!

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