Perfect Bait

Pieces of the sun falling, Hot it burns my heels, Drying the place i call home, As i run, run towards freedom, Trying to free my tribalistic mind.   Fumes, in different shades and intensity, Chocking my dreams of a better world, Blinding my sight, The leaders i support, Leaders i seldom choose,   Springs … Continue reading Perfect Bait


Lock Down

Allow me to tell our story: we met on a cold night, a while back a month like this, it was on a Tuesday i think a date that ended with (th) i think it was the thirteenth, if not the fourteenth, he was beautiful his eyes sparkled.   Allow me to tell our story: … Continue reading Lock Down

Killing the alter ego

I stood in the corner, Trying to hide my face from it, The mess i had created, I was hiding in the darkness, Running away, from the being i was, Dodging the stones, life was trying to throw, The responsibilities i didn't want to take.   I was hoping a distraction id see, And free myself from this scene, Disguising my fears, demons, Disgusted by myself, Trying to face the devil, That was creep-ling me much.   Ignoring all signs, going my own direction, Searching for a perfection, Everything misguided, Answers coated in sweet lies, It is not my fault but ours, Blood dripping from my finger tips, Shadows of a past come haunting.   A ciggarrette should numb it all, But the broken mirrors, Give an illusion, There are more than three people in the room, My mind is ranting, my conscience degrading, Nightmares were happier, This reality is a guilty mans mentality.   Trapped in four walls, make them five with the roof, Concealed by dark emotions, No way out of here, Memories sum up the life i chose, The choices i made, Now blood stains on my clothes, This story i cannot change.   What lies ahead are unscripted lines, I must learn, Accept my part of the mistake, And live with the blame, Ignore the rules of fate, Get out of this corner, Unhide my face, Wipe my blood dripping fingers, Carry the weight of responsibility, Seek less distractions, And embrace this reality