Not fit to be a Virgin


They told me i was not fit to be a virgin.
That i was too loud, and the size of my hips couldn’t allow me to be one, i believed them.

I wonder if virgins walked with a tag, how one knew about them, how they would be labeled fit or not, and how i couldn’t be one is a tale I’ve never been told.

With such big eyes, a broad smile and a firm handshake, you cannot be one, you are too bold for your age, seems you have been with quiet a number.

They told me i was not fit to be a virgin, that i never danced in synchrony, that my mind and body were never together at any time, that my soul was always distant.

And i wondered how virgins were, how they could tell that their mind body and soul were always together, how they never were distant.

Then i stopped being a virgin, had a thirst to succeed, to be different, to be better. i provoked my thoughts, questioned my actions, and believed in my dreams.

They knew better, i couldn’t just be a virgin.


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  1. Boygene says:

    This amazingly nice.


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