Time to tell lies

I had to share this, his work is just lovely, and this piece has spoken to me more so on the choices we all make at some point. Do enjoy…


Come here, take this!
It stops all of your ills.
But mum, why do I take these,
Mum why do we take pills.
It’s!  it’s!
She looks to the ground,
Avoiding her eyes,
Opens her mouth and crying she sounds,
It’s time to tell lies,
It’s multi vitamins she said.
It keeps you strong,
Deep within she’s bleeding,
Knowing her lies won’t last long.
Her heartbeat hastened,
Her body shaking,
Thinking of her mistakes,
The life she lived at campus,
No focus,  no brakes, no compass,
Led by peer,
Friday nights parties with beer,
Boyfriends are honey,
Their turns in bed,
Busy a bee she’s making money.
She was hot,
Her thighs flaming from skirts short,
All she wanted was a touch and a champagne shot,
Her bumpy curvy body left every neck turned,
To watch and enjoy behind her scenes.
Her shouting cleavage, seen, left all heads in undone sins.
She had it all,
For her everyone even I did fall.
A degree was all she wanted,
But in school there’s more that tempted,
Her legs to spread she was prompted,
Her first touch,  first kiss,
Came in with her first car keys
Riding like a queen,
Her highness, her palace in the bed,
A reason she now regrets,
Degree forgotten!
Her life destroyed!
Her status deployed,
From negative poverty,
To a richness HIV positive,
Just because she wanted it all,
All in one night.
Her degree daughter,
Facing her tears,
When you grow up you’ll understand.



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