Morality and Mortality


Yes you immoral mortal, its the wee hours of a Monday morning, and am sited  somewhere in a bar, next to a bunch of old men, who should be in the house rubbing the backs of their expectant wives.
I cannot remember how my bed looks like, am dreading to get into that house and be haunted by the list of endless misery. So i will stay here in this corner enjoying the company of these men as i rant about morals.

Who came up with this word and who said that some ” morals ” are good. See i hate the people who existed  in this life before me, the ones that set the rules that i so much dislike to follow, apart from the 10 commandments which are typically easy to follow, who came up with this un-written rules.

a person’s standards of behaviour or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do. The best definition google could give me.

“Standards” i am irked at what society has decided to define and term as right and what is wrong. That if i do as society expects of me,”good standards” then i am considered morally up right, but if i do the latter i am a disgrace to society.

The same society that has come up with those definitions is the same society that will lead me to being an immoral human.

Sigh! What has become of us humans.

Back to morals…

Yes you immoral mortal, who will try and judge me for being an alcoholic, and a lover of finer things in life. I want to talk to you, kindly tell me what gives you the right to point a finger at me, and call me immoral, yes i called you immoral because you know that morals exist and have done nothing about them.

Remember, i am sited with a bunch of old men who should be with their wives rubbing their backs, and it is the wee hours of a Monday morning. I doubt any of these men have been in their houses since Friday, they probably said they were travelling out of town, on some business trip, or a “chamaa” but they are with ndogo ndogo trying to get a few minutes of what is called fun.
Out of town, is just a hidden pub in the suburbs of this town, where the waiters seem to know them by name, and the different women (ndogo ndogo) that they tag along.

Msichana leo pea kinuthia vizuri, usimfanyishe PE kama jana.”

The conversations that are here are making me want to drown myself in more liquor, the laughs and giggles from everyone else around me seems to be irritating me.

jana nlimzungushia kiuno vilivyo leo nitafanya vivyo hivyo.

A female says, with some pride. She grabs her glass and goes on enjoying her drink and the company of the old male who should be in his house rubbing the back of his expectant wife.

Who am i to throw stones, she looks happy and seems to be having all the finer things in life. How can i say that she is immoral yet, if i was given the opportunity to fit in her shoes, i would gladly grab it.

We mortals are a special breed, where our emotions are driven by greed we tend to overlook the reality that is. 
I wish the people who wrote all this un written rules would have told me, how much life would be easier if i indulged much more in some pleasures.

I would go on and on on how we mortals are immoral, but then i would be missing an opportunity to get drunk and forget the misery that awaits me in my house.

Till next time, when i will be a moral mortal.

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