Life’s Choices


Today am on a roll…

Every scar has a tale, do not be afraid to tell it.

What if every tale was a scar?
The wounds that are, what if the story never caused them, but the scar itself is a story. English is hard, and you may tell me that i repeated my statement but no i didn’t.
If i am to tell you the story of how my morning/night has been, would you pause what you are doing to see the scar in the story? it doesn’t have to be a broken heart for you to ask me the tale behind it.
What if in search of perfection, one forgets to see the small things as they are.
Am looking at a bunch of street kids, they really don’t look like streets because they are well dressed, but are holding gum on their hands, so i quickly jump to the conclusion that they are street kids. What if they are not and they are just some rebels who skipped going to school and come to take a stroll in town. Trying to be cool and the sort. I should have asked them what they are doing or why they chose that way of living, but i didn’t and here i am making a story out of them, a storyline that may have a scar that is invisible.

Life’s choices…
When i wake up and skip, breakfast that’s a choice i made, but someone else couldn’t afford that meal, i made a choice they didn’t. Yet you will cross streets with such an individual and the smile that will be on their face will be larger that that on yours, the have a tale with a scar, but no one will bother to here.

life is not a race, arriving first, doesn’t mean you were fast.

But i arrived at the destination, so why would someone try and bring me down. This is how vices such as corruption, prostitution come to birth. you may tell me arriving last doest mean that you did it the right way either.

Life’s choices…
to be dressed in makeup to hide the bruises he gave me, and probably blame my house door, and how careless i have been of late. I choose to stay because in one way or another am getting gratification.

More often than not we have voids, voids we would want filled, and every time we think we are filling that void we tend to be loosing a part of us.

Every tale has a scar, share yours.

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  1. GAITHO says:

    This roll🙌🙌🙌Nice work and Insight!

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