I am in love…


My demons have loved me.

Our relationship is happy, they proposed to me,gave me a beautiful ring and helped my heart split into two.
The fought for me, i couldn’t  say no every time, so i said yes, with a smile not the tears from before.

My demons have loved me,
I have loved them as well, reality now is something i don’t want, happiness is just a word, ours is the best an unwanted relationship.

I have embraced polygamy, i am the he in here and they, my demons, the shes that loved me by force and never took no for an answer,  see they loved me much and gathered their strength bought me a ring, and now happy afters will be from us.

My demons have loved me,
I enjoy my alcohol every time, i never lack sleep, they sleep with me in turns and once we have an orgy with me being the man. the men in one.

So two strokes, i look at them and smile, i feel their embrace in more ways than one, i feel their excitement as they watch me loose and forget my self, i see them happy as i am loving them back..
my demons have loved me, and i am in love.


See its love

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