Seek – Rate (1)


Secrets are good, before they start to eat you, in the inside and also on the out. They are best, i swear they are, before the are out.

So hers are eating her and the best she can do is rant about them. She cant tell a soul about them, someone might judge her, and she doesn’t want to be judged cause she made a mistake, if only they’d see it from her perspective. Why she acts the way she does, why she says what she says…

Someone said you have to be selfish and think about yourself first before the rest, that things should go your way… is it really true?

Secrets are good, i swear they are, and you see how when you promise yourself not to tell a soul, of how messed up you are and how things are not working and you just have to smile to hide how you feel in the inside, and hide away from reality by not admitting to the reality in front of you. And you go ahead and lie and lie not to the world but to yourself. To the extend that the lie becomes some truth a truth and you live with that truth that is a lie and it becomes a part of you?

You distance yourself from the world, and the world in turn distances away from you, and you feel you are all alone, and the truth, the lie you convinced yourself about to be the truth haunts you so much that you want to shout and tell the world that truth, but then again its a lie to you, so what happens then…

What happens when secrets eat you up? What happens when you want the world to swallow you? and that no one would even think about you, or that your own existence was a mystery that no one can solve, not even you yourself.

What happens when you are tiered of lying to yourself that ever afters are found with people who are not yours? what happens when you believe that those ever afters were just a fallacy created by a human who never existed? what happens when the secrets are too much?

What happens when she admits that the truths she once believed in are lies that will forever eat her until she decides to accept them as lies.

When she finally decides to tell the truth to herself then the world, i will let you know…

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