I Had Sex Today


I had sex today…
I was immoral, i spread my legs today, and something filled me. I felt good for a moment, before the pain began.

I had sex today…
I let him kiss my lips, he even touched my boobs. It felt so nice, before i started to bleed.

I had sex today…
He touched my waist, moved his hands up my thighs, it was an exciting moment, before the tears.

I had sex today…
He whispered something naughty, before grabbing the rubber, my desires awoke, before guilt embraced.

I had sex today…
We moved in some rhythm, we tried to synchronise our bodies, the heat from within was too much, before he broke my heart.

I had sex today…
and i enjoyed, am sure he enjoyed it as well, but i hated it, hated how my body yearned for him.

I had sex today…
I let my desires define me, i allowed lust to control me, i even forgot about HIM, the man i love.

I had sex today, and i will have sex tomorrow, and the day after, and i will bleed every day, and i will feel that pain every time, i will allow guilt to be a friend as my heart is broken over and over.

I will have sex every day… until i learn to forgive myself. 

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