Regret… A friend?

Driven in silence, anger and remorse, my eyes speak a language that no one understands, all roads are darkened, especially the one to my heart, i start being numb, regret is becoming a friend.

Driven by adrenaline, anger and rage, my heart yearns for something unknown, it beats so loud, my thoughts are hardly in synchrony, i want to scream, maybe cry, the pain is so much,  i am numb once again, regret is becoming a close friend.

Driven by memories, pictures, anger and past events, my body is weak, it wants to rest, sinful deeds cloud me, thoughts in erasable embrace my existence, i have been numbed, regret has become a close friend.

Driven by anxiety, anger and mixed emotions, I lay in bed, intertwined with my memories, the pillow does’nt seem to sooth, the aches from deep within, my fingers are hurting, i want to dig them in something, then i become numb, regret is a close friend.


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