More Memories Created


The drink in my hand, aged gracefully (18years), kinda makes sense why my age has never changed.. 18till i die, but age is just a number and 18 happens to be my favourite.

My back against the wall, my thoughts wander, the journey that has been, the changes i have come across,some that i embraced, others well… change is the only constant thing in life.

My head feels so light, oh yes i have loved… someone told me that the greatest feeling was love, well it is the best, mamas love has been the best family love… uhmm family is everything.

I take a deep breathe, remember all the memories created, i miss him more and more everyday, the man I first loved, who loved me right back, yes that is him, my papa.

I want to stretch out my hands, offer hugs and embraces, to friends i made, they i dropped, and they that became family.

I withhold for a minute and let go, i want him, i deeply yearn for him, My Creator, the one who has made this journey bearable, the one who hears my cries and wipes wipes off my tears, the one who offers me smiles…

Another year ageing gracefully, and i have family, memories, friends and the Lord to thank.

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