Seek – Rate (1)

Secrets are good, before they start to eat you, in the inside and also on the out. They are best, i swear they are, before the are out. So hers are eating her and the best she can do is rant about them. She cant tell a soul about them, someone might judge her, and … Continue reading Seek – Rate (1)


I Had Sex Today

I had sex today... I was immoral, i spread my legs today, and something filled me. I felt good for a moment, before the pain began. I had sex today... I let him kiss my lips, he even touched my boobs. It felt so nice, before i started to bleed. I had sex today... He … Continue reading I Had Sex Today


Valentines is here with us and so is stupidity once more. Over the years I've come to notice the two go hand in hand. They are lovers and they share a common STI known as romance. This STI isn't your everyday infection like syphilis and stuff. It is resistant to an anti biotic called common … Continue reading MAN UP!!!