Matching panties

I wore a matching bra and panties today…

They were green in color,dont know why i chose that color,but it seemed right,with the mood i had then. Wish i had worn the black pair or the pink one,maybe the red one,then luck would have been on my side.

I felt sexy when i woke up this morning, i had a dream,that he finally said he liked me. It felt so real, i still can hear his whispers from my dream.

I wore a matching a matching bra and panties today…

My breasts looked firmer,my hips larger and my legs a bit longer. I stared at the mirror for a while. I even took a selfie,i would have sent it to him,if only i still had his number.

I looked at my self a bit longer today…and damn i am a pretty human, or i was in the morning, i am curvaceous had never noticed my curves, especially the ones around my waist -my love handles –

I wore a matching bra and panties today…

It being a friday, hoped i would get lucky, that one of the boys hitting on me would call me up, invite me for coffee or late lunch, something simple, nothing fancy.

I should have had more guts today, i should have looked for him,maybe go to his local,and try to see if i would meet him there, then i would have smiled at him, am sure a conversation would have sprung.

I wore a matching bra and panties today…

No one offered to take them off, no one even saw them, just me and my mirror, luckily my front camera too.

I will remove them,just as i wore them alone, then i will smell the bra, to know how smelly my sweat is, i will look at my panties and toss them in a bucket, then i will head to the shower, and wash my delusions away, and i will sleep and hope to dream of him again.



4 thoughts on “Matching panties

  1. Write more girl,

    On this, the rule around is if you wear a matching pair the it is you who’s deciding that day and not him* (who came up with that)


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