Matching panties

I wore a matching bra and panties today... They were green in color,dont know why i chose that color,but it seemed right,with the mood i had then. Wish i had worn the black pair or the pink one,maybe the red one,then luck would have been on my side. I felt sexy when i woke up … Continue reading Matching panties


Virginity is Stupid

Virginity is stupid! like the time they told me to wait for the right man and on our matrimonial bed part my legs, yet the man who was right tore my skirt because it was too tight. Virginity is stupid! like the time i was told to always be honest and do everything diligently without expecting … Continue reading Virginity is Stupid


The curtain on festivities has finally come down and I bet am not the only one relieved. As much as unwinding after a tough year is quite fair, logically speaking, the bigger percentage behave as if they got a commission from the good lord to go on a havoc rendezvous. Its all good. Hotels are … Continue reading HER