M.diaries (1)

Life ain’t as easy as it appears to be, you know, when growing up, grown up life seems like a bed of plastic roses, you know without the thorns. It was a fairytale we all wanted to be a part of, have our stories engraved on the pages of XXX story books and be read widely by children all over the world. In this digital world, we’d maybe have our faces cartoon-ized by dreamworld or pixar pictures and make a children’s legend of ourselves. They’d make too much money out of it but I wouldn’t care much about the money though, because I’d have a priceless thing (love).

This life story would be interpreted in different languages but our names remaining the same,mine and that of my loved one. Whether to have him as the beast or prince charming, it would be a fate determined by the stars, confirmed by horoscopes and palm readers and witnessed by astronauts. I would have been natured over the years by my fairy God mother on what to do on every stage pertaining the sweet life ahead of me. All this would lead to love and happy ever afters-not just one but many others, maybe those of my grandchildren too.

I’d have wanted my story to be like the cinderella one where I’d meet my prince charming at a ball in this case(a local hotel) or a motel, but it would be something fancy in its own.. and yes I met mine in a fallacy of a prince dinner( it was him and the boys) meeting for nyama choma(roasted meat) at one of my favourite joints. A random saturday afternoon, when I’d gone to order supu ya pilipili (peppered bone-soup) na mbavu choma(roasted ribs), to nurse the events of a friday night that I do not remember just a throbbing headache is what I gained from it.

Mine is a tale: (me meeting him), our first day, when we met eye to eye( Cinderella story in place) he gave me a look that made adrenaline rush down my spine, made me feel a way I never felt around the male species more so the ones who have a craze for nyama choma and a beer.

It was all queer, alluding at first. I thought that my mind was playing tricks on me. I even blamed the substance my pal gave me to puff and oh I don’t mean cigarettes, it was strange but it got me hiiiigh. Another sip of my soup filled with peppers and this strange tinge of excitement and chills down my spine were still there. I took another look at this strange male species, our eyes locked and I felt some way. Now I was sure it wasn’t the strange substance from the night before, but I couldn’t rule out everything yet..a wizard maybe?something in my soup?
This was a fairy tale, that I soo deep wished he would make it a reality, just like the tales of growing up( the ones I heard) of how beautiful this thing called “love” could be. They said it was something that you’d see let alone feel at first sight. And yes I was feeling it it the core of my every bone, and I could see it… sited a few tables from me, the man I assume I would love.
Back to fairy tales: this does not seem like a Cinderella story with her prince charming, it is more of beauty and the beast, I am his beauty, he my beast…
but don’t get me wrong, he was fiiine as fuck! people who’ve had a good one know what I mean. Okay thinking back maybe the heat of the moment got me thinking that…or twas it the wizards magic! but for his age he did look handsome to top it off he had the classic Saturday look, a white T and blue denim pants, a well kempt beard, maybe he was embracing movermber. but he darn looked sexy n well groomed, my sexy beast?
I took another careful look at him and how he carried himself. How he bit the meat off the bone, how he would squeeze the ugali into perfect golf like balls before punching them to create a whole to accommodate the soup, and gracefully biting into them. perfection at all he did…
Sitted a few tables from me, there was something in his smile, or was it in his eyes, he had a small pair of eyes, but the glance he’d give, made me shiver, it’s like he could see through me. Its like he could see my thoughts and even see and feel how my inner bit craved for him(a total stranger) and this didn’t feel like it was the first time we’d met… the wizards magic again…

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