He touched me

This is her story, so next time just before you judge her why she did it and why she stays the way she does, remember someone touched her.The best you could do, instead of judging her is helping her get over it.

He touched me, touched me a place he shouldn’t  have, he said it was right and that it was our secret… I was 4 I believed him, he was my big brother.

I learned keeping secrets from a tender age, that’s why I never told anyone when that boy sent me a letter, and told me to meet him after class behind the library.. I was 11. And secrets were good.

He told me my bosom was perky, and that I had a figure, I thought it’s cause I was good in math.. numbers and figures were my thing. He was my math teacher anyway…

He touched me, touched me a place he shouldn’t have, he said it was love that he loved me, I believed him I was just 16 everyone had a boyfriend then.

I learnt how to love from a young age, it’s where you touched that mattered not what you said, it’s how you touched that was important, I was 18 and I had loved quiet a number.

He told me I could be a mother, and that we were right for each other, so we stopped using the rubber, we just rubbed our privates together, he was going to be a father.

He touched me, touched me a place he shouldn’t have, he said it would hurt, and that the baby would no-longer exist. I believed him,i was hardly 20 he was the doctor.

Secrets, that’s what brother taught,

Deception, that’s what the boys taught,

lies that’s what the father to be taught,

death that’s the only thing i could embrace.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. ManuDS says:

    Nicely written. The flow is perfect. 🙂


  2. Sheila says:

    Good work girl. I love the flow, and yes the message. Keep up mwari

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Anytime Junge Garl


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