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‘I get it, he says all the right things, he looks out for you, he pays for dates and he’s mother loves you but none of that matters because if he’s not willing to go all in emotionally and claim you’ Borrowed

Situationship A relationship that has no label.

Allow me to paint a picture for you. You’ve been seeing this person for say seven weeks consecutively. The conversations are mind stimulating not your basic ‘we were at the ‘hanye’ last weekend’ kind of vibe. Also who still says ‘hanye’?!  You know the kind of conversations that challenge your perspective on say the Eurobond. I live for such conversations. They turn me on. A while back someone was explaining to me Albert Einstein’s theory of Relativity.  Let’s just say the next sentences will reveal how much of a blonde I can be.

Him: You know who Albert Einstein is right?

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Word Session Line Up: JUNGLEGARL

Ink Overflow


‘in search of the perfect gem…. another day in my fantasy only my words cry’ ~ Junglegarl

Junglegarl uses her poetry to explore the major conflicts surrounding romantic involvement. Recounting intimate scenarios with each stanza, Junglegarl’s poetry is submerged in powerful themes such as love, sex and money.

He was manly, and maybe a father figure,

He liked it when i’d call him daddy,

Made him dig in his pockets,

After a steamy session,

His wallet became friendly.

From the poem ‘Fancy’ by Junglegarl.

She discusses navigating sexuality, guilt, social pressures, heartbreak and ambition in the quest for the ultimate goal; independence, financial security and thus freedom.

I want to sin differently,
Sign cheques worth millions,
Fully dressed with a smile,
My consciousness no where near.
From an untitled poem by Junglegarl.
This charismatic poet will be performing this Saturday at Word Sessions, see you then!

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