Fancy :(

I like big cars,

And that’s what he drove,

Stopped near me,

He said hello,

I chuckled and passed by,

How cheap did he think?

I could be,

I like fancy watches,

 And that’s what he wore,

A Cartier I think,

The one with cut gems,

Diamonds and the like,

That’s how my attention he got.



He was a bit old and fancy too,

Not like my fellow mates,

The ones that took me on dates,

He looked at me and smiled,

A glitter on his tooth I saw,

Well shaped all white,

He was manly, and maybe a father figure,

He liked it when i’d call him daddy,

Made him dig in his pockets,

After a steamy session,

His wallet became friendly.


I don’t know how it began,

Maybe it was the fancy gifts,

Not just flowers and chocolates,

Ohh the nice treats too,

Not just the meals from java,

What my mates loved to do,

Or maybe it’s how he held my hand,

Made me feel a bit secure,

As he showed me off,

He did it with some bit of pride.



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