Maybe it’s regret

They say regret is for the morning after,
And maybe I regret being with you,
Not the night before,
Neither is it the morning after,
After I took; the pill
They say; all is forbidden,
But not after having a piece of you,
All is wrong but not after you
Temptations never seem to burn off
Like that moment on the lips that I fore-so gone
Seemed like a moment meant to be
Hoped that a motel room would seem right,
To quench the desires of me and you
Where desires and passion flowed along,
Naked bodies danced to the rhythm,
It meant the world if you’d push it a bit more
They say; stolen was always the key,
Me and you a reality to be
But when guilt hugged so deep
Me and you could never be
I wish a crime; You’d agree to commit
And make she, another her
I’d help you lie to her, a she I’d never see
Let alone embrace her curves,
Or let her be, a moment of us
I wish you never had
Touch me bits she didn’t have
And let our actions never undone
Where moments meant no harm
Keeping them in the dark
Just me and you reminiscing of ’em
Carrying your soul deep in the ocean.
Like a shark that’d never prey
Leaving all untold,
They say: seduction and emotion,
Go hand in hand raw to it’s core,
and emotions only a memory in my head,
Embracing a sweet moment that we’d ‘nly leave once
Everything untold, where bodies intertwined,
Me and you kissing this goodbye,
With regret nearby:(

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