Stupidity: Raw Talent

A while back I watched as some youths in kitale turned a chopper into a matatu. In unmatched idiocy they clung onto the metallic bird as it took off. It was a scene that would have a Hollywood stuntman cringe at the unforeseen repercussions. Stuntmen use laws of science and common sense to pull off those beautiful stunts that make movies captivating. Only biblical figures broke the laws of science and those were the chosen few. Am sure the kitale Moron’s were neither chosen nor anointed. A choppers rotor blades aren’t your mothers cooking sticks and its take off thrust isn’t your sex thrust. They will never forget the outcome. Years back when I never knew the difference between a boob top and a bra, some clown from western once again tried milking an elephant. It was in the dailies. He also experienced the famed fire and brim-stones theorem. Going by the current trend of things, some girl somewhere trying to get likes on IG will try pose tickling a rhinos balls. Stupidity is the new swag. Pope John once said as much as stupidity maybe a gift we shouldn’t abuse it. We are currently raping it.
There is a certain degree of stupidity that is socially acceptable like coming in bottom of a maths exam. Finding love has never been easy so why would finding “X” be? Failing to locate the X in maths is totally understandable. But some form of stupefying stupidity is totally unacceptable. Like trying to screw the best friend to your missus. She will swear to the high heavens that its just between the two of you but let there never come a day when your missus dares look down on her. She will be informed which of your testicles is bigger than the other. In their jealous and competitive nature women hardly pause to think about the consequences of their utterances. I ran a fever whenever I see any of my mates play around with a girlfriend to his missus. That kind of stupidity never ends well. Ever.
I am a firm believer in decency and trust whether there is love involved in it or not. It is part of being humane to a fellow human. Unfortunately most of us stupidly mistake misconstrued emotions for love and misdirected energy for passion and that’s where decency gets thrown out of the window. I really do not have a problem how people show their love for each other but what irks the most is how people trample on each other’s trust once they fall apart. Some things whether done in light or dark should be taken to the grave with you unless your summoned by the in famous kwekwe squad. Then and only then are you allowed to spill and share. I don’t get the current trend where girls are sending nudes to their so called Baes whom the only thing they know about is the type of condoms he uses and honestly I’ve never heard of a more juvenile term used to describe ones partner. How well do you know your Bae; to certainty that he or she won’t use that pictured or filmed love against you once you fall out with them? Are they trustworthy enough to delete them when they delete you from their lives? I know shit happens and people we thought we knew turn out to Lucifer’s siblings when people call it quits but there are things that should never be given thought let alone done just to get back at someone. I believe when all has been said and done and people walk separate ways you should never expose a person in a way that you would never wish on your own mother may it be pictures or even simple secrets. Keep them to yourself or delete them from your memory and gadgets all together if you have an itchy tongue and a toxic mind. That is decency. When someone gets naked in front of you and that person is no hoe that is a form of trust that words can never describe whether you decide to capture those moments in picture or video, that is a level of trust that should never be broken. An unsaid vow of sorts. When someone trusts you implicitly with such material you should never breach that no matter what. Be it your missus, MWK or a blue balls masseuse,  the rule still stands.
I find it highly disturbing that nudes taken in the act of passion and fornication are doing rounds allover and clearly they weren’t meant for porno marketing or any kind of publicity. Unfortunately they come out simply because someone stupidly thought it amusing to parade another persons nakedness. Whether a jilted lover or a jealous wife/husband that is stupidity on a  magnitude so high the word stupid cannot correctly denote. Fact is the act cannot be undone no matter how much it is paraded for all to see. It happened, get over it. If it was meant for your eyes only then let it be so. I cannot change the perception on how people want to express love and capture the moments but I will advocate for caution as they put the gift of stupidity to trial. Private investigators do take evidence but they do it discreetly and professionally for they know one party may be innocent in all the nudity extravaganza behind closed doors and draped windows.
It is okay for porno stars to be nude, it is damn okay for socialites to stupidly flaunt their nudity in our faces , it is more than okay for a man of the cloak to be shamed with nudes and sex tapes for he is feasting of the flock he’s supposed to shepherd, it is the hallmark of entertainment for a nude stripper to give me a Lap dance and a fellatio while at it for I choose to pay for such services but it is not okay for you to parade nudes of a 21 year old who trusted that what you had was worth having her send you herself in the most intimate of forms.
With the current trend of events both naked and clothed, stupidity is now a talent and I think the stupidly gifted are doing incredibly stupid things just to spite the less stupidly gifted.
-Koome Mwiti-

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