Passionate Poison

A friend of mine recently tagged me in a post about the mama who razed the boyfriends car in Rongai simply because she found out he was having an affair with another woman. I was stupefied by the stupidity of the said woman and before y’all throw stones, kindly remember the burnt car wasn’t having an affair.
Its said hell hath no fury like a woman scorned but it should be more like hell knows no fury like a Kenyan woman outwitted by a fellow woman. Especially if she’s not befitting of the woman’s social class. Aptly put, they don’t belong to the same gossiping group neither do they shop for synthetic mane on the same street.
Kenyan ladies have adopted the highest pretense when it comes to matters of passion. They have perfected the art of relationships fallacy. No woman sleeps by your side because you that dream hunk or your good in  bed or your that fairy tale soulmate cum provider. For women its usually all about convenience. She’s with you because you are a convenience in her life. A necessity like groceries. A necessary nuisance that she has bear with for society expects her to. If you were to unearth your woman’s personal life you would think her fathers name was Sodom and her mother’s Gomorrah due to the intensity of murk, scam and sin you would come across.
Women are not that good at keeping their shit under the carpet. Its just that their men are too preoccupied with with sinning responsibly that they hardly notice even when she comes to bed with foreign cologne. We are usually too tired anyway from battling traffic to hawkers to kanju to inflated bar bills and lastly to a nagging partner when you get home.
Anyway back to the razed car story. So this woman thinks she proved a point to the dude by razing his car to the ground? Fact; he’s slept with his “clande” severally and a burnt car won’t stop him from doing it again and again. He knows what he gets from her. Something that the other woman doesn’t provide. Something akin to oxygen that he can’t live without and chances are that its a **. For me it is that big a deal.  What actually beats me is why she would do that and she’s as sin ridden as the man just that her sins are not out in the open as her man’s. Women cheat and they cheat more than men do. They just don’t flaunt about it. Unfortunately, naturally no con likes being conned. And what happened to civilisation? If your unhappy or you caught your man cheating why don’t you just walk out. Simple. I believe in ending things amicably for you never know what karma holds. Burning my car doesn’t fall in the amicable category. Whether am guilty or not.
Love isn’t falsified passion. Its no excuse for torching down a mans car. That’s poisonous falsified passion. Heck romantic love doesn’t exist just like Santa Claus or free primary education. I’ve searched for it for three decades and all I’ve gotten so far is a whirlwind of emotions. I believe I wasn’t born that stupid not to have found it. You can’t find something that doesn’t exist. But since we bought the idea of it we try living it and fail miserably and then it becomes poisonous. Who are we kidding, adults are together for convenience such as mating and to look normal. To fit in. Not for love. Marriages happen because of peer pressure and family pressure not for love. People get stuck in relationships not for love but because they have heavily invested in the illusion that they have no choice but to live it. Very few have the guts to walk out of the illusion.
What’s my point here.
One:The car was innocent.
Two: No “clande”  teaches your partner how to cheat, it’s a gut feeling that you wholly and solely decide to explore.
Three: No amount of burning can do what has already been done, you cannot undo coitus.
Four: if it is unbearable, walk out of it like someone civilized and schooled. Time heals everything even the worst hangover.
Five: Stop using love as an excuse to sin passionately.
All beings are dogs not just men. Its how you tame yours that matters. If you have no bones in your compound, don’t light fires when your dog finds bones in another compound. You don’t want your dog straying? Keep it on a leash with plenty of bones. Come to think of it, no dog has ever been reported dead for sharing a bone. It’s just that……. A bone.
Stone throwers please feel free.
-Koome Mwiti-

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  1. Osita says:

    If you are unhappy or caught your man cheating simply walk out. Love that.👍


    1. junglegarl says:

      it is a fact though..


  2. Roselyne says:

    Well said…

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  3. elle2030 says:

    Wueeeeeh.. Aggy this post is fire!


  4. Billia Makena says:


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