A Second Longer

One year ago i began this journey, to let my words cry as they ooze the goodness and badness of this falasy we are in. Today i continue this journey with a guest post: something penned at around 4am, wild thoughts of a man struggling with sexual thirst since he does a long distance relationship. It is more of him reminiscing the fantasies with his woman.

Thirst is real…

And not just any thirst but a sexual craving so intense for you that I feel static on every hair on my body when I think of you. My manhood palpitates in an entwined rhythm with my heart beat just at the thought of me un-threading clothes off that perfectly sculpted body of yours. I long to hold that beautiful face in the palms of my hands and bring your already eager mouth close to mine. I long to hungrily devour your lips as they melt into mine my tongue navigating your mouth as I suck air out of you. I want to kiss your neck while my lips navigate northwards towards your ears and your cheekbones. I would give just about anything right now to hear a soft moan escape your mouth as I nibble on your earlobes and gently plunge my tongue into yours ears sending shivers down your spine.
I would love it as you hurriedly fumble with my T-shirt lifting it of my chest and running perfectly manicured nails across it. You would send every sensory nerve in my body into a sexual frenzy and no I wouldn’t unbutton your blouse. I would rip it apart without a care in the world in the heat of the moment.
I would reach out and snap open your bra in one swift move and your full perky breasts would be let free. My liking and desire for bosoms knowing no limits at that moment, I would hungrily delve into them. Suckling hungrily and tugging at them playfully sending you into fits of muffled moans your mouth agape in pleasure.
You would fight to tear my pants of me almost unmanning me in the process with your manicured talons.
Bulging rock hard six inches would spring out pulsating in desire and anticipation. Down you would go on me and you would teasingly gnaw at my member head and slowly the whole asset would melt inside your petite mouth.
Sensually you would be sending me to pits of ecstasy and I would quake gently in passion like petals swaying in soft wind. The feeling is indescribable and I feel like I just kissed heaven as I run my fingers hungrily into your feminine mane threatening to tear it out of your scalp. Damn! I could have this forever.
Pressure builds deep into my sack begging to spill milky contents into your mouth and I pull out fast. Basic sexual etiquette dictates ladies first and I plan on taking to sexual utopia whether it exists as a fiction or not.  Today I want to become your mini god of love. Ravage you sexually,unleash the wild side of you. I want you calling out my name like you’ve never done to the predecessors before me. I want to take you on a tour of sexual eden where orgasms trumpet.
I cup your ample blossom and yank you up my waist hurriedly finding my to the nearest carpet. The bedroom seemingly too far. I don’t want you stark naked for I wanna devour that phat body in your sexy attire. I roll down your caramel stockings and yank your tight skirt up your voluptuous hips. I bite into your lacy pants literary tearing them off and you let in a sharp intake of air. The smell of your eager womanhood filling my lungs.
I start my journey southwards from your cute feet.  I kiss my way up your crafted legs to your soft inner thighs. A moan you let out your legs going into a frenzy of a tremor. I kiss them softly yet passionately eye firmly set on the prize. You can no longer muffle your moans and a loud ” oooh… ” you let out.
Your fanny is oozing…  Your moans turn into an orchestra of screams and pants and without warning you spritz something warm on my face. Your eyes are rolled back and you seem like you’ve gone into a sexual trance.
I am no-longer able to hold myself any longer… Your eyes bulge open and your mouth opens in sweet bewilderment. Your still hungry & you dig your claws deep into me. We rock in rhythm and I put your fingers into my mouth.
You get the hint… We glisten in sweat mixed with passionate pants. I feel you quake and quaver your moans turning shrill as you build up a nuclear orgasm. I do not stifle the indescribable feeling and I plunge more deep one into you as we climax in perfect unison.
Am out of breath and strength and your talons are buried deep into my back. I try pulling out but you whisper ” no. ” I slowly drift away on top of you as my flaccid chode ejects from your fanny . Your eyes say it all and in silence you carry my weight into sleep having high fived the goddess of love.

 Koome Mwiti

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