Days like Today

There are days I get mad!!!! just at the thought of you… and today happens to be that day.

  1. There are days I am mad, mad at the fact I met you… and today happens to be that day.

There are days I loothe you, loothe the sight and sound of your name, and you know what sweety, today is one of those days

I will go to a pub, order my favourite *two cans of guarana* then blame the heavens of your existence…

Days like today…

I will drink… I will curse, I will try and forge perfection… just to seem perfect..

To maker my foes envious of how the world is a better place with your existence.. truth be told!!!!

You are an animal, one which digs to find its next meal, one which sorts comfort in garbage,

I will be negative about you today, ooze all pessimism just at the thought of you..

Days like today, I prefer my drink cold, served with the cubes in your heart, what you try to say is best..

And a day like today I will put you as a memory, a bad bitter one, and when the moon rises to give give room to the beauty of the stars.. I will name you as a memory, for days like today are not meant to last…. and so are beings like you!!!!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. elle2030 says:

    This is like the story of my life…


  2. elle2030 says:

    More like the sort of closure I needed!


  3. junglegarl says:

    Seems we have something in common a lot.. heheheh


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