Stained Thoughts

Love, you’re in pieces
There’s no one left to lay you down
Or say it’s okay
On the worst night, of the worst year

so where will i begin? is it before or after i met you? 

the tears were real those that were red with envy and a bit oh hatred…

were they before meeting you or after??

I don’t wanna love and
I don’t want anybody else
Anybody else to either

i will tell this tale, with the imperfections of words and obscure feelings.

two met ,no three met,

on a road that led to a net,

where we exchanged anklets,

three met, hearts intertwined,

leaving our thoughts abandoned, 

abetting to bodily cravings,

I made a stupid mistake
And my world crashed down

will you listen? listen to the aches?

will you sooth? soothe the throbs?

will you heal? heal this fragmented soul?

No turn off the sun
Take down the moon
For I don’t need them anymore
Go switch off the stars
And paint the sky black
Love isn’t ever coming back

i will continue this tale, with the gloom in my heart, her heart…

i would take a puff, she would ask for one,

exchange the smoke,

and enjoy the calmness brought,

two butts down,

waiting for the black out,

a dark shadow

The death of the romance
Thought there was no chance
Then you appeared right in front of me
I got to thinking
Loneliness sinking
I felt the cloudiness come over me

Got nothing to say anymore
There’s nothing new
It’s all been done before
Not looking to settle the score.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. elle2030 says:

    Hmmmmmm…Aggy this one,,this one is the


  2. Douglas says:

    Nice rendition.


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