am a little different

i prefer the dark room in the corner, the one filled with dust and cobwebs, the one where the light never penetrates.

i love it so much cause it allows the best in me, allow my body  to illuminate allow the air from the depths of my lungs to purify the air, allow the touch from my hands to scrap of the cobwebs….

i prefer the lonely unkempt road, that with thorns and tall grass, the one with muddy puddles, the one where crabs are in plenty.

i love that road so much i will walk on it on a bright Friday morning and with my bare feet walk over the thorns with the tips of my toes cut off the grass and with the highs of my thighs try to crash the crabs….

i love that old face me face you matatu , the one found at my village, the one where every villager going to the town center will wait for, the  jalopy one with a boneshaker engine.

i prefer it to the contemporary one, the sound of it’s grumpy engine gives me peace, the loud screeches it makes soothes the aches from my heart, the bumpiness from its body repairs the scars on my body.

i love that old makuti thatched pub, the one  located at the end of the estate, where the towns hooligans meet to have one two three four the road, the one where the bar maid is always drunk to remember the drink i asked for but sober enough to make sure i don’t get out without paying my bill.

i love the alcohol they serve in here, sour with a noxious smell. the taste soothes the buds on my tongue and .the jolt of our last kiss .

i love everything they claim to be differential, for within it there is brightness, buoyancy, and idealism.

but a day will come that i will love everything perfectly and transcendent.

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  1. Sir. Maxwell says:

    The contemporary thought of Idealistic mind full of a visionary eye and an Open Simple Heart, Artistry of Thoughts and Phenomena,, hahhaa “I like the Barmaid Part”


    1. junglegarl says:

      well once you open your bar i will direct you to where yo can get one


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