my fantasy

I kissed his tip,
He touched my lip,
I thought it was love,
Then it was over,

a sweet moment…

I said hello He said he is low,
I knew he was opening up,
He kissed my forehead,
I gave him my heart ,

Never knew it will not last ,
He promised heaven,

and i knew i was in haven

we would last an eternity,
Then it happened He disappeared,
I searched Only to find her,
Tangled in his arms
Him singing a lullaby,

i was she, the other…

This was always the drill
He said he won’t love me,
I thought he was being polite,
I never believed in love either way,

She was his dream,
He was my world,
My fake fantasy.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. vascona says:

    The simplicity of lust and the hope for love. Nice piece.


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