The DarkShadow

the thing with mortal beings a minority of us is that we tend to walk away from the things/people who bring the best in us -unknown –

a dark shadow clouds my mind…

love lust love lust love lust love lust,

try to figure the difference of both words, and what I get is a dark shadow… Fear..

I fear…

See, I am human.

A very sane if not normal human,

Being labelled an emotional rec,

I fear that I may fall hard if not fly,

That I may forget if not find myself,

That even if I were to fly,

The ground will not be steady,

Steady to hold me as I take off,

And if I manage to take off,

The destination is unknown,

That even your existence is a mystery…

Do not fear, my child. I simply seek advice on the art of courting a man of this time… Land. And who better to tutor me than a man of your age?

I fear…

Fear that I may love,

That he may love,

And that love may not bind us,

That the love will be a falseness,

A falsness to escape a reality,

A reality filled with: crave and bodily desires,

That our love will be a pretence,

A pretence so that we may fit in.

I fear…

That my endeavours may scare you away,

That I will be trying too hard,

That I will be a psychotic human on the loose,

I will be loosing you,

To a less perfect human,

One whose imperfections are easy to handle.

I fear…

The warmth from you,

The warmth will be a coat,

A coat to hide the ice inside me,

Your warmth will be a problem…

I fear..

The dark shadow,

That of self,

That of hiding from reality,

That of being a vulnerable human,

Of being torn,

By words and emotions,

By deeds and humans.

thoughts are the shadows of our feelings always darker, emptier and simple


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