That RingTone

Ring… Ring!!

The demons inside me fight to answer that call. He has finally returned my call. How many missed calls did he find, 50?? What about the texts, 30?? And did he notice I blocked and unblocked him on whats-app, that I had even deleted his number? And did he realize I went searching for him on google+?


Ring… Ring!!

My fingers are on a craze, recieve that call… Okay don’t! It is Monday, been tryna reach him since Friday. Assumed he was working late so left him a few messages. Just being a girl: got to check up on him. Saturday: gave him a call, went to voice-mail assumed he was sleeping(i know he was sleeping) who is awake on a Saturday morning at 11? (only me, I know he is sleeping ), so I left him a text and a couple more texts.. with a few calls in between.

Ring… Ring!!

The volume sounds so loud. I wonder what he wants to say. Could it be someone else calling with his line? The other that was with him? Could he be calling to tell me he has been unwell??

Could he be calling to say he misses me? Or just like the norm calling to invite me for a drink?

Ring… Ring!!

The call doesn’t seem to come to an end. Should I pick it up? Can I overcome my demons? Can my fingers stop the craze? Should I just mute the call? Or better off press the end button?

Ring… Ring!!!

hallo..( in a shaky voice)

hallo my dear ( I can feel his smile)

I wanted to yell at him, scold him, shout at him!

(as human as I am: can’t find words)

how have you been? 

fine.. fine.. ( with some pathetic smile on my face)

sorry couldn’t pick your calls, or return them any earlier, been busy with work and even had to travel but am back, can we meet up for a drink latter? Give me a call…

And with that he hangs up…

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