To she, the other woman

My dear,

I write this with concern, just don’t get this message in a twisted way. You see just like you I like this game being played and just like you I am getting hurt.

My dear,

You may not understand my concern, but just like you I also don’t get why I am concerned of you. See we have a lot in common kinda makes sense why he chose us.

My dear,

Read this carefully, he did not choose me over you, netheir did he choose you over me, (let’s just console ourselves with that) he chose me along with you. And he has kept you along me. I am no mediocre neither are you, I think we just compliment each other.

My dear,

I have tonnes of questions to ask you, I know I might not get the answers but what the heck! Lemme just ask them.

Are the marks on his bark ours alone? Or are there others that share him and we are not aware of? (yes I used we, hope you will come to terms that we are better together for him) can those marks tell a tale of how long he has kept us a secret from each other? Are the nail prints on his bed yours? Or are they mine? Or do they belong to the rest? The rest that we have no clue who they are? Might the stains on his couch belong to you? Did you dispose the wrappers I found in the bin?

My dear do you ask yourself this questions? Further more do you know of my existence?

My dear,images

Please don’t hate me, you might have been there before me, or came after me, but… I don’t give a hoot, I just wanted you to know that just like you am not about to leave him… and just like you I will try to make him see only me, because maybe just maybe I might have fallen hard for him and am not about to let go.

Cheers, my dear

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Susanne Margaret says:

    True story:)?
    Nice piece, though.


    1. junglegarl says:

      Behind every deep word there is a bit of some truth.. it might not be wholly true but partly yes


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