if i can right a human wrong,
if i can help make one strong,
if i can remember the good old times,
so did he, my main,

if i can learn to love,
and forget all sorrows,
if i can be strong,
and live life fully,
lord fill the emptiness,

Lord if tears can fill my eyes,
and the morning breeze wipe them off,
if a smile can fill my face,
because of the happy times i had,
Lord let his memories last,

dad taught me how to love,
to keep everyone so close,
to forget all sorrows,
and live life full of smiles,

papa, we loved you so much,
we treasure the moments you spared,
we thank you for the times you taught,
and the unending love you gave.

i don’t know how to say bye bye,
cause on this day my eyes will always be heavy,
but i hope my heart will be at peace,
because your love is with me,

five years down and i still celebrate the best DAD..

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