Some days are better than others,
Some nights are louder than others,
Some people are beautiful,
Some thoughts are ugly,
Some sins…


Of days that the sun rises in the east
Of nights the moon sets in the east
Of weeks that begin on a Monday,
Of months that begin on a Sunday,
Of years that,
Begin with sin…


The days the sun sets in the west,
The nights the moon rises in the west,
The weeks that have 5 days,
The months that have 40 days,
The years that have 70*7 days,
The sins that…
I hope do not exist,

The stains on my cheeks,
A symbol of my sin,
The tears from my eyes,
That I hope symbolize am clean,
The prayers said in a loud night,
And some said in a noisy morning,
The sins from an eventful night,
A quiet morning wipes them off.

Of body desires,
Of worldly cravings,
Of scents of passion,
Of confusion to be tamed,
Of obsessions for fame,
Of worldly sins,

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