everything is okay,
that’s what they keep on saying,
my dreams are getting scared,
them making me be small…

it is over and done ,
a dreamy reality,
milk and honey,
I try to forge,
a better place,

all I am waiting for,
is a chance to
make them understand,
the truths they thought
were never real…

morning comes and
life is moving on,
and when it changes
I still don’t get it all ..

not letting to break down
not waiting to hear
the empty sounds,
I am hopelessly pretending
that I know how the end is gonna be
burning the cold and the desires …

i hope, they all hope, we all hope,
that tomorrow will be better,
that a bottle will not drown,
not the sorrow nor the regrets,
that the mistakes, will not haunt,
that a better day awaits

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